Eagle Harbor Holdings LLC (“EHH”) is in the technology development and commercialization business; we develop patented technologies and spin them out as operating entities, or license to strategic partners. Today we own an extensive and rapidly growing patent portfolio broadly covering three key market segments, including:

        -    Automotive Systems - OEM’s and automotive suppliers
        -    Home Systems - smart home consumer electronics
        -    Mobile Devices - handset and smart device industry

Within each market segment, the portfolio broadly covers the technology areas of:

        -    Entertainment
        -    Communications and mobile content
        -    Sensor systems

These include 19 issued patents, and 7 continued applications under allowance, for a total of 26 key patents representing 675 strategically developed claims. In addition, EHH maintains an active patent continuation practice with priority dates ranging from 2001 to 2004. The U.S. Patent Office has repeatedly validated the originality and significance of our technology by issuing a series of “first action allowances” of our newly filed continuations.

A list of technologies the patents cover and a list of patents and patent applications are summarized below and include additional detail on the Patents page.